Skills Training Australia's Staff and Trainers 

Sue Goudswaard

Sue Goudswaard brings with her years of experience in Aged Care, Training, Course development, RTO management and business development. With an Aged Care focus and background sue works with our aged care partners to assist them in the develpment of their businesses through education and staff recruitment. Talk to Sue if you would like to find out how Skills Training Australia can help your aged care business with it staff development and recruitment of new staff.

Shani Cossins

Our quality and administration manager plays a key role in the company’s success. Her input is highly regarded and her office door is always open, her attention to detail keeps us all on track, helping the company stay up-to-date with industry and educational requirements.

Rose Yang

Rose is STA’s vital finance and student record coordinator. Her role is extremely important to the running of the company, having been with us for 2 years she brings a smile to work every day.  Rose believes that STA is a great place to work as she has a great team around her who are supportive and friendly.

Joyce Zhang

Joyce is one of our very important administration staff. Her attention to detail and process focus helps us keep on top of the paperwork required for training. She is the link between the student engagement team, resources and trainers.  

Natalie White

Natalie has been with us since the beginning of 2016. With experience in residential care, dementia specific and most recently day respite centres since 2003. Natalie absolutely loves working with clients, and being able to provide them a quality of life that meets their needs.

Some of her work roles have been a lifestyle coordinator and supervisor, Project Coordinator and Diversional Therapist.  She has experience managing teams of staff and volunteers, experience in ACFI, Aged care accreditation, designing and developing programs, training staff and students.

Natalie has a passion for the field of Diversional Therapy and brings with her experience, energy, enthusiasm, understanding, and the eagerness to get more quality students and workers in the Leisure and health field.

Her current qualifications are, Advanced Diploma of Business Legal Practice, Certificate IV in Diversional Therapy, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Degree in Aged Care.

Natalie has delivered many courses and workshops on dementia care Leisure and Health, diversional therapy and designed many Sundowner’s programs, believeing that you have to continuously learn and develop your own knowledge in order to look after your clients, and teach your students.  Maintaining level 1 membership with the Diversional Therapy Association is a must for own professional development and growth.