What is Diversional Therapy?



Always wanted to ‘help people’ but weren’t quite sure what was on offer as a career? 

There are so many rewarding careers that will allow you help others, from caring for loved ones to nursing to social work. But sometimes it takes a while to find the right fit, and sometimes a job seems perfect on paper, but the nitty-gritty just isn’t for you. You can end up feeling a bit stuck, wondering what the heck you’ll end up doing with yourself, or wonder how to begin or change careers. Well, you are not alone! If your goal is to leave your job every day knowing that you have helped someone, and made a real difference to someone’s life, then a career in Leisure and Health and Diversional Therapy may be what you're looking for.

So first up – what does a career in diversional therapy look like?

The breadth of diversional therapy jobs is pretty mind blowing. A Diversional Therapy Assistant can plan activities for community groups, day centres, after school programs, respite programs, retirement homes, outreach services and mental health services, to name just a few! Diversional therapy – or DT - focuses, not just on physical programs to keep the body in shape, but it also focuses on improving the social and emotional wellbeing of participants. A diversional therapy assistant also looks after the spiritual and psychological wellbeing of their clients. There are so many aspects to this career if ever there was a job that lets you walk away from the day knowing you have created a bright, happy moment in someone’s day – this is it!


Diversional Therapy is a rewarding career


OK, but what does THAT all mean?

A bit confusing right? There are so many opportunities under the DT banner, and each one seems to tick the 'helping people' box, but, is it something I can do? Well, that’s the amazing thing about DT, if your focus is on helping people, then yes, you can do it. One of the most popular roles under the DT umbrella is a lifestyle coordinator. Working mainly in aged care or community services, a lifestyle coordinator is responsible for designing and implementing leisure and activity-based programs for their clients that address individual needs. A lifestyle coordinator manages everything from physical exercise programs to social activities (like movie nights or outings) to craft programs and education classes (like how to work your iPad!). Lifestyle coordinators have to take everyone’s needs into consideration, like an individual's mental health and physical abilities, to create programs that cater to all their needs. Another key position for Leisure and Health graduates is a recreation therapist in rehabilitation centres. These roles work with people who have received brain injuries or may have had a stroke. These roles work and liaise with a broad range of people – from nurses and doctors to families and the patients themselves - so being a ‘people person’ is a must.

Sounds awesome – So how do I become a Lifestyle Coordinator or Diversional Therapy Assistant?

So now you know a bit more about what diversional therapy is, and it looks great – but where to now? Well, it’s super easy to start. You just need to investigate a course in Leisure and Health - call us on 1300 656 669 and chat to one of our team about studying a Leisure and Health qualification. These courses will put you on the path to your new career, so you can go to work each day and help people improve not only their quality of life, but enrich their social connections as well. DT is a job for those passionate about helping others, about having a career that’s about more than paperwork and 9-5 office jobs. DT exists to make life better – for everyone involved.

Turn caring into a career


Any more Questions?

Give our customer service people a call on 1300 656 669. Our Leisure and Health courses start every term. If you’re already working in the industry, we can discuss recognition of prior learning. The Leisure and Health qualifications are considered by most aged care, health, and community service providers as the minimum qualification required to deliver health improvement, leisure and activity, or diversional programs to people in aged care facilities, disability support programs, and community bases support programs.

Courses delivered around Australia, by Skills Training Australia are endorsed by Diversional Therapy Australia the peak body of the industry, so get on board today give us a call 1300 656 669 and set yourself up for a rewarding career.