What is a Diploma of Community Service?


 A Diploma of Community Service is your chance to make a difference in your community.

Whether you're helping families in need, advocating for social justice or empowering your community with education and resources, a community service worker has a direct impact on the lives of others.


Why become a Community Services worker?

The community services and health industries jobs are the largest and fastest growing industry sector in Australia. According to the Australian Governments' Labour Market projections, Health Care and Social Assistance jobs are projected to make the largest contribution to employment growth (up by 250,200 or 16.4% over the next 4 years).

As society changes, the need for people to advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves is high. A Community Services worker has so many employment options open to them that it's just their experience, training and personal interest that dictates where they will end up. Underlying all of this is a desire to help the community, to aid those in need and help turn someone's life around. It might not be a glamorous industry, but the rewards are beyond monetary. The goal of a Community Services worker is to improve the lives of others, and you can’t put a figure on that kind of success.


Is it for me?

A career in the Community Sector is certainly not for everyone. You must be compassionate, empathetic and not afraid of hard work. You deal with issues and situations that most people would not have to face in their lives. But if you have a passion for helping people and a desire to ignite change in your community then this is the industry for you. Providing practical support to those in need, you get to see your hard work pay off.


Why study a Diploma of Community Services at STA?

Our trainers are active in the industry, so all our teachings are up-to-date and relevant to the practical aspects of the job. We also place a high emphasis on on-the-job training via our placements. Not only is hands-on training vital for understanding what it is like to work in the industry, but it’s also important for students to get out in the industry and make connections. We have some amazing partners that we work with, and we pride ourselves on building strong relationships so we can help our students get ahead one they graduate.


What does studying a Diploma of Community Services look like at Skills Training Australia?

We have regular course intakes throughout the year, so you don’t have to worry about starting at the beginning of the year. When you are ready to get your career underway, we can help you. There are so many options for study, including evening classes or once a week class options in addition to extensive placement work, so you get practical, on the job training from people currently working in the industry.


Any more Questions?

Give our customer service people a call on 1300 656 669. Our Diploma of Community Services course starts every term, so get on board today give us a call 1300 656 669 and set yourself up for a rewarding career. You can also find out more information here http://skillstraining.edu.au/courses/diploma-of-community-services-work-chc52015