How Community Services roles impact society and change lives


There are so many roles in the community where you can make a difference, especially if your interest is in connecting with and helping individuals through uncertain times or hardships. A career in Community Services is about working with people, addressing the complex needs faced by people at various stages of life, all dealing with complex stories and varying degrees of education, opportunity, or economic disadvantage.


But under the Community Services banner, some opportunities go beyond the traditional roles people might think of, like a social worker or a welfare assessment worker. An excellent example of the evolving nature of Community Services is to look around any community centre, where courses are being run to benefit the local community by implementing vocational and other training programs. Classes that help all aspects of the community like, teaching elderly citizens how to use new technologies, helping refugees learn a new skill, or training people in new industries to increase local employment. The people teaching or coordinating these events are Community Service Workers.


It’s not just in education that Community Services shine. A graduate can choose to specialise in youth and family work, where a Community Worker focuses on working with individuals or groups to solve social, emotional or financial issues. They work with children and families to improve relationships and help children thrive in a safe environment. Several roles under the Community Services banner focus specifically on dealing with individuals dealing with complex issues arising from drug or alcohol addictions. Helping people address a variety of mental health issues is another focus, breaking down social barriers and helping people reintegrate back into society and reclaim their lives.


The role of a Community Worker is multi-faceted, but at the core remains a desire to help develop and improve their local community. It is a career that requires immense amounts of hard work, empathy and patience. But when changing someone’s life for the better is your reward, hard work is always worth it.


Whatever your interest, a career in Community Service is a viable option if you have a passion for empowering people, helping people and a desire for social justice. Skills Training Australia runs a Diploma of Community Service to assist you on your way to a career in Community Service. We offer a practical based program, where your trainers are active in the workforce and provide practical, relevant and current training. For more information, give our team a call on 1300 656 669, or click here for more details