A New Look At Staff and Training in Aged and Home & Community Care

A New Look At Staff and Training in Aged and Home & Community Care.

Great news! Skills Training Australia has a new Ageing Support and Home & Community Care Department. 

The team have been busy implementing a new service for our partner organisations to assist with both operational and training needs.

Understaffing and requiring staff ‘today’ is one of our industry’s greatest issues.  To address this problem, Skills Training Australia are partnering with a number of organisations to help them prepare for their future by recruiting and training new staff in line with the organisational philosophies of care, vision and mission. 

Through a Staffing Needs Analysis, we can identify future staffing needs and train now to fill the gaps as they arise rather than wait for ‘panic stations’.  We’ve all been there and Skills Training Australia can assist in breaking that cycle.

Another service we have been working on is a Training Needs Analysis.  One of our expert team spend a few shifts within the facility, speaking to staff, observing operational practices, staff culture and assessing practices which might require further training.  From the information gathered, we work with the management team to facilitate training programs to develop staff skills.  By doing this in partnership with the management team, Skills Training Australia can customise training programs that promote company vision and align to the philosophy of care provided within the particular organisation.

If you would like to find out more about this service call Sue G for more information about how we might assist your facility to improve on and build great practices.  1300 656 669